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So.. Daddie and I went away for a bit, and while we were away we got me this cool set of pj's, "Wonder Woman" ones. They remind me of having "Wonder Woman" Underoos as a kid.... so they instantly make me more into the "little girl" mindset. I was confused at first as to why Daddie picked them out, when there were sexier things around, butI think I answered myself there. :)

Anyway, we were in bed, and he put his hand down my pj's.. and that made me feel so incredibly little. He's done that before, but something about me in the pj's when he did that, dropped me right into little girl headspace. It was very very intense. And then after we fooled around some, he pulled down my bottoms, and had me get on my knees, bent over. He knelt on my pulled down bottoms, between my legs and fucked me hard. It was.. incredibly hot. I couldn't move and that made it even hotter... Oh.. oh...

Daddie. I love you Very very much. You're everything to me. And dead sexy. :)
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